Infini-Tea is an environmentally friendly kit for young urban dwellers to grow their own herbal tea garden. The kit includes four Cowpots (small biodegradable pots made of treated manure that can be planted in a larger pot or garden and act as fertilizer), a wooden tray to place them on with feet to protect the surface below, enough soil to fill them, which is sealed in a compostable plastic bag, and seeds for chamomile, catnip, sweet violet, and stevia.

This product was designed to promoted healthy living and a healthy planet. It was important to me to limit the amount of materials used and to make sure that everything that did make it into the kit had a functional purpose; nothing is there just to look good. The result is a product that is 100% biodegradable and fully gives back to the world when it has reached the end of its life.







Rather than add materials by including additional markers to go in the pots, each starter pot is stamped with the name of a plant and can last up to three months before needing to be planted elsewhere, plenty of time for the plants to sprout and grow enough to be differentiated from each other. 







The seed packets are inspired by those used in the 18th century and, like their antique counterparts, are held together without adhesive (except for a small dot of glue to hold the piece with the plant name on the front in place) and can be refolded as many times as necessary. Instructions for “how to grow” and “how to drink” are printed on the inside of the packet to cut down on materials. Each packet includes a small, sturdy card that prevents it from being folded or crumpled and directs the user to a website where they can buy additional seeds. 






The patterns on each seed packet are representative of what the plant will look like when it is fully grown and can be used to identify them in the case of a mix up.





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