Beringer Wine Bottles



These wine bottles were designed as part of a product and packaging class at Cornish. I was assigned Beringer Vineyards as the client for this project and given the task of designing a set of wine bottles, one red and one white, targeting the age group of 21 to 30.

While researching Beringer, I found that the winery’s German heritage is a great source of pride within the company and chose to base my design around that. I created front labels that say “hello” and “goodbye” in German as both a reference to the winery and as subtle instructions to new wine drinkers; “hallo” implies that the red wine goes with the meal, and “tschuss” indicates that the white wine should be drunk with dessert. The two labels were designed as a pair to encourage buyers to purchase both bottles together.






For the capsules, I created patterns made up of “hello” and “goodbye” in different languages surrounding the Beringer logo. The intention was for the bottles to become an entire series with which the buyer is able to take a trip around the world through wine, with each pair featuring the language of a different country and containing wine common in that region.

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