Animal Alphabet Matching Game




Animal Alphabet is a matching game designed to teach children about uppercase and lowercase letters while showing them the differences between adult and baby animals. Each card includes an illustration of the animal (adult animals corresponding to uppercase letters and baby animals corresponding to lowercase letters), the letter its name starts with, and a small illustration referencing the animal’s environment. This creates three potential levels of learning that make the cards effective for a wider age range and give children different aspects to match the cards around. 


The game is played like a standard matching game, starting with the cards being shuffled and laid out face down. Players take turns flipping over two cards to try to get a match. If the cards do not match, they are flipped upside down and the next player takes a turn. If the cards do match, the player who flipped them over removes them from the playing area and takes another turn. Whoever has the most matches when all the cards are gone is the winner. 


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